Why Chair Covers?

  • Chair covers complete the look. A room decorated without them looks unfinished. They add elegance and formality that your wedding and event deserves. 
  • They are great for covering unattractive chairs (and you won't have to worry about your colour palette clashing with the venues chairs)
  • They are the first thing people notice when they walk into the room. They make an elegant impression and set the tone for entire event.
  • Chair covers create such an impressive look that you can spend less in other areas of the décor. All you need to add now are the centerpieces. The reverse, however, is not true. You could not pass on the chair covers and expect to have your décor make the same impact.

Chair Cover Options

We carry three types of chair covers; Banquet Style, Self-ties and Folding Style.


Our Banquet Chair Covers are available in Satin, Polyester and Spandex.

Satin Banquet Covers & Teal Sashes - Italian Cultural Centre

Our easy to use Satin & Polyester Banquet Chair Covers are customer favourites when it comes to DIY! Lots of colour choices and quick set-up & dismantle time keeps this a popular choice. 

Polyester (Matte) Covers are available in White, Black and Ivory

Satin (Shiny) Covers are available in White, Black, Ivory, Silver, Gold,               Cranberry and Chocolate  

White Spandex Chair Cover with Purple Spandex Bands - Victoria Inn (Embassy)

Our Standard Spandex chair covers will give your event a modern look with it's sleek, clean lines. This chair cover is wrinkle-free after it it put on the chairs. Easy to use and it fits most venue's chairs located in Thunder Bay. 


Currently available in White and Black

White Ruched Chair Cover with White Spandex Band & Rhinestone Buckle - NorWestern Hotel

Our newest chair cover; the Ruched Chair Covers will help you create the look of your fairy tale wedding. It's beautiful ruffled backing adds a touch of class to any event! Pair it with a Spandex Band with Rhinestone Buckle to send it over the top!


Currently Available in White and Black

White Selftie in the Valhalla Inn

Our Self-tie Chair Covers are great because they fit almost any chair type, making them the most versatile chair cover! Designed to provide banquet, folding and nearly any other arm-less chair with a loose fit. The tieable back is beautiful to look at even without a sash!


Available in White, Ivory, Black, Silver, Pewter, Champagne, Gold, Chocolate, Cranberry and Cherry Red. Check out the colours on our Sashes page

Black Polyester Folding Chair Cover with Baby Blue & White Sashes

Having an outdoor wedding?

It’s easy to change those grey and brown folding chairs by adding one of our Folding Chair Covers! Just look how clean and soficatcated our weddings look! Our Folding Covers are designed to fit both round and square top folding chairs & will fit the folding chairs rented from A-Z Rentals (Thunder Bay).


Available in Polyester Black and White 

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