Frequently Asked Questions... 

Do you offer free consultations?

Any good decorator will. We prefer to meet with all our clients in person to discuss their vision of the wedding.  This way we can figure out all the details together while staying within budget.


Of course we have lots of out-of-town brides (and weddings that take place several hours away) who are harder to meet, so we will do our consultation over the phone and confirm everything via e-mail (with written contract). 


We will never pressure you to book on the spot, we actually encourage our couples to take their quotes home and think over what they want and need. We can always set-up another appointment if you want to revise the quote or try something else.


Do you have a showroom available to come preview rental items? 

We sure do! Our showroom is located in Thunder Bay, ON and is open by appointment only. Most weekdays we make appointments up to 7:00 pm (we know there are many working brides/grooms-to-be out there!). Our full inventory is located in Thunder Bay, so you can see and feel all the material in person instead of relying solely on pictures and small fabric swatches.


Make an appointment today to view our colourful selection of linens. Friday/Weekend appointments are usually not available in the summer (June-Sept).


What should I have prepared for our first meeting? 

 If you haven’t had a chance to look at the reception hall already, or don't remember what it looks like, we would prefer that you visit the venue before you come to meet us. This way you will get an idea of what the hall looks like and it makes it easier for us to give you options for room layouts and table placements.


A few things that we would like to know, or have prepared before the appointment:


- Max number of guests (including bridal party & photographer/DJ, etc)

- Number of people seated at the head table - do you want one Sweetheart table, one long table or 2-tiered style?

- Decide on a colour palette or theme - if you have colour swatches, bring them with you and we can see if we have a matching or complementing colour.  If you haven’t picked exact colours yet, decide on a couple colour schemes to try out.

- Bring 2-3 Pictures of head table/backdrops that you would like to get a quote for, either on our Facebook page or online. It doesn't have to be in your colours, we're just looking for the design/style of it so that way we can narrow down what you are looking for & give you a more accurate quote.

- If you are making your own centrepieces, you are welcome to bring in a mock centrepiece (or pieces). This way, we can set up a table & you can get an idea of what it would look like. The colour of your centrepiece will play a factor when determining the colour of your table linens, as we would want to make sure they stand out rather than blend in with the table. 


What is required to hold linens for my date? 

We do not tentatively hold dates for anyone. To ensure bookings with us, a signed contract with a 30% non-refundable retainer is required to hold the linens for your event. This will not be refunded for any reason. However, if you need to move your wedding date, within the next year, you may use it as your future deposit, as long as we are available for the new date.


How far in advance do you suggest reserving rental items?

We book up to two years in advance, but depending on when your wedding is and the size of the wedding, reserving 6 months to a year ahead for decorations is usually enough time.  Summers get very busy for decorators in Thunder Bay and we can only book set-up for 2-3 weddings per weekend.


Brides and Grooms planning on a Summer/Fall weekend wedding should book well in advance to ensure they get what they are looking for.


Also, for larger weddings (over 250 guest), book early to ensure your decorators will have enough linens available for your wedding (or have the time available to order any extra linens in for you).


We may be able to accommodate last minute bookings, but it depends on date, location, size of wedding and timeline.


How do I know if a certain chair cover will fit my venue’s chairs?

As we’ve worked closely with many venues in Thunder Bay, we know which covers will fit best on certain types of chairs. If your venue is outside of Thunder Bay, we offer samples for you to try on the chairs at your hall. A deposit of $20.00 is required to take out the samples and you’ll have up to one week to return them. Shipping is also available for those who cannot come by to pick them up.


What size tablecloth and skirting do I need?

We will go over all the details with you to ensure you get the right size tablecloth and table skirting you need.

You can also download the size chart on our Table Linen Page (scoll down to bottom of page) for a quick reference.


Can I order colour swatches?

Fabric swatches are available for $1.00 each.

We offer free colour swatches (up to 4 swatches) to clients that have booked with us.

Local decorators & planners can purchase our swatch booklets at $25.00 each.


Can my order be modified closer to the date of the wedding?

Yes, a maximum decrease of 20% from the initial amount of linen reserved is allowed, up to 30 days prior to your event. We urge you to put a deposit for a slightly higher number of linens. This is to ensure we have the linens available to you. Better to have a few extra chair covers than to be short a couple.


If you want to change colours/layouts of any items, as long as the linens are still available for your date, we can change them without penalty. Increase in quantity will be subject to availability. 


Any changes (colour/quantity) made less than 30 days before the wedding will incur a $50.00 fee. 


Do you offer Set-up and Takedown or DIY services?

We offer optional Set-up/Takedown/Delivery within the city of Thunder Bay. This means, if you have a couple of helpers that can help you set-up/takedown, you can save the set-up fees from us. We'll teach you how to put on chair covers, tie sashes, fold napkins... whatever you need to help make your wedding beautiful. And of course, if you don't want to worry about setting up early wedding day morning and taking down at 2 am, we offer a great Set-up/Takedown package!  


If setting up ourselves, when can we pick-up the linens & when do they need to be returned by? Do they need to be cleaned or folded?

Linens can be picked up two days prior to the event date and returned the day after the event. Typically for a weekend wedding, you can pick up the rentals on Thursday and return the following Monday by 4:00 pm. A late charge of 20% of linens will apply for each late day. 


You do not need to wash or fold any of the linens. We ask that you shake off any food and decorations before returning them in the bins/hangers provided. All sashes and chair covers need to be untied when returned.


How long does it take to put on chair covers, is it hard?

A great way to save money on your wedding décor is to do some of the work yourself. Rental items, like chair covers, are an excellent example of DIY decorating. You will, of course, have to recruit some family and friends to help out but with a few extra hands, the job will be done in no time.


Standard Banquet Chair Covers are really easy to put on, no training required. It would take one person about an hour and a half to put on 100 banquet chairs covers, or 15-20 minutes with four people.


Self-tie Chair Covers will take a longer for beginners. It would take one person about 2 hours to put on 100 self-tie chair covers, or about 30 minutes for four people.


Our sashes are not pre-ties. There is no right or wrong way to tie a sash, styles are only limited by your imagination. Sashes can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to tie, depending on how you want to tie them or if you add any embellishments (such as flowers or one of our rhinestone buckles). We also have spandex bands that just need to be slipped over the backs of the chairs which will not take long at all.


It should be noted that some venues have very definite time constraints and will only allow access to the room a few hours before your event begins and require the room to be cleared of all decor 30 minutes after your event ends. If this is the case, a professional crew will be able to do the set-up faster and better in a short time period. The money you spend on the set-up/take-down will be well worth the frustration you will save by rushing to get things done.


What if guests spill food and drinks on the rental items?

We expect some food and drink spillage on our linens and these natural stains will come out (food, wine etc).

However, there are some things that would ruin the linens and you may be charged a clean-up fee or replacement fee. These include, but are not limited to; highlighters/pens/permanent markers, paint, fabric dye, candle wax, gum, holes, rips and tears etc. Ask for a copy of our Rental Policy or download it off our website.



We no longer accept pre-approved credit card payments for damaged good. We now require a Cash Security Deposit (usually $200, depending on order size) to rent out our linen.  The deposit is required either when the clients pick-up the linens or a week before the event if Fairy Tale Weddings & Events is setting up the linens. Any damaged, missing or replacement fees will be taken out of the Cash Security Deposit at full cost to replacement (including shipping fees).


Late fees will also be taken out of the Damage Deposit. The remaining amount will be returned back to you when all the linens are accounted for. Third parties (event planners, venues, caterer, etc) cannot be held responsible for payment or return of lost or damaged items.


What are the Replacement Costs for missing and damage rental items?

For damages, if it is something we can easily fix (such as a tear along the edge of a chair cover), we will not charge you anything. However, if requires a patch (such as a holes made by poking a pen through or burning a hole), the linens will be charged a replacement fee. 


Replacement Fees are displayed below.


Sashes - $2.00 organza, $2.50 satin, $2.00 spandex bands, $3.00 lace

Napkins - $2.00 satin, $3.00 polyester


Banquet/Folding Chair Covers- $6.00 satin, $6.00 polyester

Self-Ties - $6.00

Spandex - $8.00

Giselle - $10.00


Rhinestone Buckles $2.00

Skirting Clips $2.00

Skirt Hanger $15.00


Tablecloths; Mid-length - $20.00 satin, $20.00 Polyester

Floor-length round/banquet - $30.00 satin, $35.00 polyester

Runners and Overlays - $10.00 Satin or Organza, $14.00 Burlaps

Tablecloths - $10 per tablecloth for wax or gum removal


Bolts of material used for headtable, backdrops and ceiling drapes as well as table skirting will be charged at full replacement cost (market price plus shipping).  



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